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Louis Cheung-Turner

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 Digest Vol 71 No.1
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Digest Vol72 No.1
Digest Vol72 No.2

Digest Vol72 No.3
Digest Vol72 No.4

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Div. 1 The Readman

Div. 2 The Rumjahn

Div. 3 The Hyde

Div. 4 The Forrest

Div. 5 The Stamp

The Vets Handicap Cup

The Frank Murphy Cup



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'Believe That'     is a short documentary, directed by Caleb Yule. The film follows the journey of Team Santos,

three players from Brighton Table Tennis Club, as they prepare to represent their country

at the European Down’s Syndrome Championships.

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Congratulations to Mike Power and Don Davies

who have been awarded the

Maurice Goldstein Award by Table Tennis England

for their long term service to the LDTTL

Mike was Organising Secretary for 18 years

before he retired in 2017.

Don has been a member of Mancom since the 1970s

and has been the LDTTL Chairman since 1999.

Congratulations to Mike and Don.

Author:  via Liverpool Table Tennis League

Rule Book
Amended for 2017-18 Season
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Louis The 10 year old
England No.1
Liverpool Echo article

2017-18 JUNIOR DEVELOPMENT DIVISION  Awards Night Photo.s

Season 2018-19
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Weekly Diary

Division K.O. Cup Rnd 1

Bootle YMCA are looking for players of all standard, particularly the lower divisions.

we seem to have so many players signed on for clubs in the League

but who don't get regular match play,

shop around if you are after a regular game

Merseyside Police have changed their match Venue To

Breckfield & Everton Community Centre

Mere Lane / Breckfield Road North