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L&DTTL 2019 Closed Tournament

Winners and Losing Finalists

Division 2 winner Ray Jackson - East Wavertree
with R.up Shakil Malik- Bootle YMCA
and Cup Secretary Stan Clarke
Division 3 winner David Ao - Wavertree Labour
and r/up Darren Taylor Bath St. Marine

Division 4 winner Alek Charcenko-Linacre

Division 5 winner Sunil Sapre- Bath St Marine

Finals Night

Winner of the Open Singles Pawel Orzechowski
with losing Finalist Ritchie Venner after
Presentation by League Chairman Bill Fawley

Winner of the Women's Singles Clare Peers
with losing Finalist Sue Hughes
after presentaion by Stan Clarke
Winners of the Open Doubles were
Ritchie Venner and Paul Hutchings
after Presentation by Bill Fawley

Winner of the Junior Cup was Harry Watson
with losing finalist Gobi Sivanson
with Stan Clarke

The O'55's Trophy was won by Paul Hutchings
with losing Finalist Ray Jackson

Ritchie Venner won the O'40's Trophy