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I welcome you on behalf of the English Table Tennis Association to the

City of Liverpool Tees Sport Grand Prix.

The Grand Prix series continues to go from strength to strength, with participation and quality of play increasing with every event, whilst our hardworking Events Department continues to seek out the best facilities whilst keeping costs down.

The recently announced New Strategy from Sport England and the four year funding from 2009 to 2013 being awarded to the ETTA will give our sport the opportunity it deserves to progress to the next level. This will mean additional programmes being put in place including the website being upgraded to include input opportunities from clubs/leagues/regions as well as national and international information, various social media initiatives, Women in Sport, TT in the Workplace, 16-18 drops outs, recruitment and support for technical officials and volunteers, league and club initiatives. Increased coaching/coaches and facilities assistance will contribute to the outcomes that both Table Tennis and our funding partners want and an increase in participation and membership for table tennis.

The ETTA will be advertising and employing the following: Operations and HR Manager, two additional and one replacement Regional Coaches giving us full coverage of 10 regions, Coach Education Manager, National Network Manager, National Programme Manager for Clubs/Premier League 4 Sport, Development Assistant, additional part time staff for Development / Coaching / Club / League support plus some staffing/job responsibilities realignment will take place Copies of the Ron Crayden 2000 Club initiative will be included in this brochure so please join, it is to raise income to support non-funded players and give our young players the additional opportunities they deserve.

The Grand Prix programme could not run without the help and support of many local volunteers, the Grand Prix Committee, referees and umpires, the tireless work of Mick Strode, the ETTA Events Department of Harvey Webb, Matthew Porter and Vanda Jones, and last but not least your support for the events.

I hope you have a great weekend both on and off the table and look forward to seeing you at a number of events. As always I will be happy to answer any questions you may have.


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