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The Liverpool and District Table Tennis League

The  2005-2006 Season

 Fawley Construction Closed Championships

Referee -:

Ken Armson MBE


Tournament Organiser -:

Arthur Garnett


supported by

The City Sport

Development Unit

at the

Wavertree Tennis Centre

Sunday January 15th 2006.

Organising Committee


Ken Armson MBE, Don Davies, Arthur Garnett, Dave Oakes,

John Langton, Ray Lavin,

Graham Rollinson

and once again thanks to the small band of helpers who miraculously change the layout of the Tennis Centre into what the competitors see on the day, then make it all disappear again at the end of the day when everyone else has gone!!!


Thanks to League Chairman Don Davies for his many comments

and historical information used in the following pages.

Welcome to the 78th Closed Championships' finals, the tournament, again, generously sponsored by Fawley Construction and supported by the Liverpool City Council Sport and Recreational Services. 

On behalf of the League, I wish to pay regards to SRS Manager Dick Johnson, who has shown great interest in the sport, and has put the use of the Tennis Centre and prior to that, Everton Park, at our disposal, Fawley Construction's Leo Crone, a League Vice President. Our League President Bill Fawley, who has relinquished day to day involvement with the company, must also be sincerely thanked, without the assistance from each of these gentlemen, the Closed championships, would be the poorer, for that, the League is grateful

With the demise of the Liverpool Junior Open, the Committee decided to retain the long standing Tennis Centre booking, rather than wait until the end of the season, as we did last year, when it was held in May.  With a veteran event being held in Hereford this weekend, it didn't suit everyone, but the decision was taken in the interest of the majority of League members

Eighteen ladies are registered to play in the league, but by the closing date, only two had entered the singles event. Last season, the event was determined after a four players round robin, which was far from ideal. Again, this is how two finalists'  were arrived at.  The event was only rescued, when holder Clare Peers, who has recently been unwell, decided to enter. Of the previous nineteen tournaments, only Clare (4 wins), Alice Howard (3),  Brenda Buoey (1),  Paula French, (1) and Cherith Graham (1), are regular League players. Perhaps a more surprising fact to emerge, is that since 1976 when Paul Tsang beat Dave Roberts, only Kevin, Keith, Wayne and Dave, still play in the League, although, of those thirty finals, sixteen have been annexed by the two K's.  

In last year's programme notes, I highlighted the problem of the poor Closed entry.  Fortunately, sufficient 'late entries' arrived which enabled Referee Ken Armson to stage the event. This scenario occurred again over the past week or so and at one time, the Closed was in danger of cancellation for the first time since 1939. The closing date for accepting entries, was ignored by many and only via dogged perseverance and total endeavor by Ken, are we here tonight.

Dogged perseverance and endeavour has recently been taken a bit further by Ken Armson, as an ETTA Referee, his skills at organising Tournaments are well known and asked for in the UK, not being satisfied with that, he has now sat and past a most testing exam to become an "International Referee", no easy life for Ken it seems. Tom Purcell also passed the "International Umpires" exam this year, so congratulations to both Ken and Tom   

Tournament Organiser Arthur Garnett, together with Ken Armson, should be congratulated on what I'm sure, will be another successful Closed. John Langton's diligent assistance on the Referee's table was appreciated by the referee, as was the unstinting effort from Faith Moore, who carries out a number of tasks, while George Smith, painstakingly keeps the wall charts up to date. 


Don Davies





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