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The  2009-2010 Season

 Fawley Construction Closed Championships

Referee -:

Dave Cochrane

Referee's Assistant

Faith Moore


Tournament Organiser  Russell Thornton


supported by

City Leisure Services Directorate


at the

Wavertree Tennis Centre

Sunday March 21st.

Organising Committee


Russell Thornton

Arthur Garnett,

Don Davies, Rob Davies,  Mike Power,

 Graham Rollinson


Finals Night Report by League Chairman  Don Davies

Welcome to all spectators and players to the spiritual home of the Fawley Construction Liverpool Closed finals at Fairfield. A year ago tomorrow, saw the return of the event after a gap of a year which appeared to be well received by all. The main tournament was well supported and produced a number of exciting contests and a couple of unexpected results. That being said, the event at Wavertree Tennis Centre could not have taken place without the generous support from Richard Johnson at the City Council's Sport Development Department. Thanks also, are accorded to Fawley Construction and in particular, David Fawley and fellow company director, Leo Crone who for twenty-two years, has provided valuable sponsorship to the League's Closed Championships. League President Bill Fawley and his wife Vivian have been regular guests over the years as has Leo and Carol Crone and we again welcome them all tonight.

In mentioning the main event at the tennis centre I would like to add thanks to Referee, Dave Cochrane who also took charge of the City of Liverpool Grand Prix last August. The playing arena was set up on the day prior to the event and assistance from those none management helpers, some of whom don't  play table tennis, is very much appreciated. The work load would, however, be eased greatly, if players' were to help for just a few hours! The next chance you have to offer your services is on August 20th this year at the COL GP.  
Finally, the League thanks the Police Athletic Association for their continued use of the club although, it cannot be assured in the future since the grounds may before next year, be sold.  
I sincerely hope you enjoy tonight's the action when, for the first time since 1978, when the finals were played at Kirkby Sport Centre, a new men's singles champion is guaranteed.
Thank you for supporting the event and have a safe journey home.