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Division 4



L.E.Forrest K.O.Cup

first contested 1934-35



this seasons finalists were

Marconi 'C'    V     Linacre

played at Bootle YMCA Tuesday 2nd. May 2006.

Match Official ---  Graham Rollinson

presentations by Graham Rollinson


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  the players competing tonight were -: 

MARCONI 'C' -:      Paul Loftus, Frank Proffitt (Captain), Derek Scotland, Ken Roberts

LINACRE -:    Harry Reeves, Harry Nelson, Jack Davidson (Captain), Ken Ainsworth 

 The match got off to a quick start with ‘away’ team Linacre calling Harry Reeve to play Frank Proffitt, Harry winning in 3, Frank not being able to settle down against Harry’s changing game.

Marconi then called their No. 3 Derek Scotland on against Ken Ainsworth, hard hitting Derek struggled in the first against Ken winning 12-10,but settled down against Ken’s defensive game to win the next two 6 & 3.

Linacre then called Jack to play Ken Roberts, Ken won the first, Jack the next two, Ken the next, and with it that bit of extra confidence going into the last game, to win 11-4.

Marconi then called their No.1 Paul against No. 2 Harry Nelson, a tough fast 1st game went to Harry 13-11, then the next to Harry 11-6, but then Paul started picking his shots out, with more of his smashes down the wings going on, and Harry unable to get past Paul’s defence, accompanied with some inevitable bad luck, Paul settling down better to take the next 3 games9,2,& 6.

So at 3-1 down, Linacre call the doubles on, Harry R. & Jack v Paul & Derek, the Linacre pair looked a bit more comfortable and duly won the 1st 11-2, but with some hard hitting from the Marconi pair going on to win the next 11-5, but with the more experienced doubles play of Linacre stepping up a gear, they won the next two games 7 & 5, so Linacre back in at 3-2 down.

The next call was the two 4’s, Ken R. v Ken A. two defenders, but with Ken R’s ability to hit a winner when the chance came, took the set in 3 games, 6, 7, & 8. Marconi 4-2 up.

The two 1’s next, Linacre need this to stay in it, and with Paul winning the first two games, it looked as if it was time to make the tea, but then Harry R. settled down to the tension, (and a bit more luck), to take the next two, so to the last action packed game from both players, finishing with a win for Harry 15-13.

So Marconi call on Frank to get that all important 5th set against Jack, but with Jack getting the 1st game 12-10 and putting the pressure on Frank, Frank responded by winning the next 11-8, next game to Jack 14-12, Frank back in with an 11-4 win, another chance to make the tea!, no, Jack ran away with the game 11-5.

So to the set we didn’t think was going to be needed, Derek v Harry N. 1st game going to Derek 11-6, Harry pulling back the next 14-12, but maybe with Derek’s ‘do or die’ attitude to his shots just overcoming Harry’s ‘wait for the right shot ‘ game, Derek won the required two games 7 & 7 to give Marconi ‘C’ the match, a classic night of cup tension to the end, and a credit to all players.

Result -:Marconi ‘C’ 5 – Linacre 4



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