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Division 2



Dr. J.Rumjahn K.O. Cup


first contested1952-53


this seasons finalists

Merseyside Police 'A'    v    Cadwa 'A'

played at Wavertree Labour Thursday 4th. May 2006

match official--- Ken Armson MBE

In the presence of Mr Peter Rumjahn and  Jan. Davies

who once again had accepted our invitation to present the Trophies.


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     the players competing tonight were -: 

    Merseyside Police ‘A’      Gavin Lloyd, Gemma Lloyd, Jon Dyson (Captain).

    Cadwa 'A'     Graeme Black, Mike Power (Captain) Alan Timewell

Mid table M/Side Police ‘A’s Gavin Lloyd, Gemma Lloyd and Jon Dyson met promotion candidates CADWA ‘A’s Graeme Black, Mike Power and Alan Timewell.

First call to Cadwa brought Graeme and Jon to the table, Graeme wins the first two games with his relaxed and confident style, 5 & 7, but then Jon ups it a bit, to attack a bit more and take the next one12-10, but Graeme’s having none of it, finishing it 11-6.

Police call Gavin v Mike, great, fast, open game, but Gavin that little too fast for Mike, winning in 3 games, 8, 5, & 6.

Cadwa next call Alan v Gemma, Alan’s relaxed and defensive style wasn’t what Gemma liked, and pushed her into many frustrating unforced mistakes, missing hits which would normally go on, but Alan defending from deep winning the first game11-7. Second game went the same way, Alan cruising to a 10-4 lead, but Gemma changed tack, slowing down, picking out those shots that went on, incredibly pulling back and going on to win 13-11. Alan won the next even game 13-11, more of Gemma’s  drives going on, but Alan retrieving from deep to frustrate again, the 4th game was more Gemma, hitting through Alan’s defence to win 11-6, the 5th game was a classic, Gemma leading, Alan catching up, then taking the lead at 10-9, then 10 all, to a last gasp double from Gemma to win 13-11, I don’t think anyone expected Gemma to pull this one out of the fire.

Police captain Jon then calls himself on against Cadwa captain Mike, Jon intent on forcing the game with his attacking play making Mike defend and picking off the hits from his backhand, Jon gaining the first game 11-9, Mike settled down to win the next 13-11, but Jon upped it a bit, hitting more chances, keeping the ball down the wings, to take the next two 4 & 3.

Cadwa now 3-1 down call Graeme v Gemma, this set was more in Gemmas’ style, fast and open, with Graemes’ returns goming on as expected, but Graeme turned out to be too much in control, returning many of Gemmas’ best shots with pace, a great but short set, Graeme winning in 3 games, 2,5, & 8.

Police lead, now reduced to 3-2, call on Alan to play Gavin, an expected win for Gavin turned out to be a conflict of styles, which Gavin couldn’t cope with, Alan winning first two, 4 & 5, Gavin changes down a gear, playing the points longer instead of the smashes that were going adrift, winning11-9, the 4th game started the same way as the last, both players testing each other out, then Gavin started forcing the game, getting a few smashes on, fatally it turned out, Alan put a bit more twist into his returns, Gavin still trying for those smashes, now missing, Alan winning 11-7.

Cadwa, now in the driving seat, call the two No.1’s Graeme and Gavin, with the expectation of taking the lead, Graemes’ more controlled game won the first 11-9, Gavin must have decided to throw caution to the wind, starting to drive Graeme back with his smashes now going where he aims them, winning 11-7, Graeme wins the 3rd, 11-5, Gavin the 4th, 11-9, the 5th game sees Graeme seeming to be testing Gavin by serving long to his forehand, hoping he smashes off, but Gavin goes into a 6-2 lead, Graeme fighting back to 6 all, Gavin back in front 8-6, Graeme back to 8 all, Gavin serving takes the lead 9-8, then sets up a terrific rally, driving Graeme to the back of the room, Graeme returning long and high, Gavin waiting to smash again, but the ball just snicks the end of the table on its way to the floor, 9 all, Graeme again serves long to Gavin's forehand, Gavin smashes on, Graeme again serves long to Gavins’ forehand, too long, the ball goes off, so 5th game to Gavin 11-9, and the end of an exciting set to watch. Set 8,

Police again in front 4-3, call on Mike to play Gemma, Mike to save the match, hoping to get in form Alan on the table, Police to get that all important 5th set, Gemmas’ forceful play  was too much for Mike, defending well, but not being able to put pressure onto Gemma, allowed her to virtually dictate the play, Gemma winning in 3 straight, 5, 3, & 8, so the end of a classic final, M/Side Police ‘A’ winning 5-3,  well done to all players.

Result  -:  Merseyside Police ‘A’ 5  -   CADWA  ‘A’  3



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