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Division 4




L.E.Forrest K.O.Cup

first contested 1934-35



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The L.E. Forrest Cup  played at Bath Street  Monday  5 / 3 / 07  match official Roly Wright

Aigburth P.H. 5  ( Alan Davies, Ian Laird, Graham Rollinson & Lee Proffitt )  v  Linacre  0   (Harry Reeve, Harry Nelson, Jack Davidson and Ken Ainsworth)

Linacre won the toss and chose the away team spot and the first call, Harry  R. v Ian Laird, in the recent league match a few weeks previous, Harry had beaten Ian in 3, so I’m sure there was a bit of confidence in the call. But Ian started off like a house on fire, hitting Harry off the table, Ian won the first 2 games, 6 & 1, Harry the next two 8 & 6, but Ian held on to win the fifth 11-8. Next game was Alan v Harry N. again it was pace v chopping and pushing, Alan producing the pace to win the first game, Harry got his chopping going to win the second, but Alan’s pace overcame his frustration, winning the next two games 7 & 5. Linacre’s next call Jack v Lee, but again hitting won out, Lee winning in 3 games, 10, 5, & 7.  Aigburth then called Graham to take on Ken, a more balanced set this, Graham winning the first two, 3 & 8, Ken pushed Graham to make mistakes and won the third 11-8, but Graham polished it off with a fourth game win in 5. So 4-0 to Aigburth, and everyone has had a game, Linacre then call on the doubles to get back into the match, but as in the last meeting, Aigburth’s Alan & Lee beat Linacre’s Harry R. & Jack in 3 games, 11, 7, & 7, match over 5 – 0 to A.P.H.



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