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Division 2



Dr. J.Rumjahn K.O. Cup


first contested1952-53



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The Dr. J. Rumjahn Challenge Cup    played at Merseyside Police Club  Wednesday  7 / 3 / 07 match official  Arthur Garnett

Wavertree Labour ‘A’  3  (Dave Roberts, Mick Tierney & Paul Banks)   v   Christ The King  ‘B’  5  ( Billy Cheung, Dele Oluyombo & Paul O’Donnell)

Billy won the toss for the away spot and called himself on against Paul, Billy’s style and pace soon overcame Paul, who couldn’t get into his usual game, Billy winning in 3;   9,5, & 5. Wavertree could have claimed the next set as C.T.K’s No. 3 hadn’t arrived by 8pm, but Dave being the gentleman he is, put himself on against Dele, and duly won in 3 games, 8, 6, & 1, Dele only troubling Dave in the first game. Billy next called Paul O. on against Mick, as Paul had only just arrived, he went on cold, and against the likes of Mick, it didn’t pay off, Mick winning in 3 straight, 3, 7, & 6. Dave then called on himself v Billy, Dave won in 3 straight, 5, 5, & 7, mainly because Billy couldn’t get Dave away from the table, allowing Dave to direct his shots all over, making Billy chase more for the return than the attack.

3 -1 up to Wav. ‘A’, Billy’s next call, Dele v Paul B. so important this game, and what a tense game it was, Dele won the first 11-9, Paul the next 11-7, then Dele, 11-7 then Paul 12-10, Paul trying to slow the play down, because when it got to open attacking play, Dele’s hitting usually won the point, Paul’s game was to defend then throw in that surprise hit. Fifth game Paul went into a 4-2 lead, but at the turnaround, Dele was 5-4 up, and retained the lead to finish 11-7 up. Dave then called himself on to play Paul O. Wavertree's banker, to open the gap again, but Paul was tuned up now, winning the first game 12-10, but Dave hit back slowing Paul down a bit, to take the next game 11-9. Paul now though was playing a more relaxed game, waiting for his hits, dictating the pace, and pushing Dave into a more defensive mode, gaining the confidence to pick out his winners, both backhand & forehand, Paul winning the last two games 7 & 5. Billy, probably thinking that Paul is “on song” then kept him on the table to play Paul B., Paul B. won the first 12-10, Paul O. the next 15-13, and that must have taken the steam out of Paul B. after working so hard; Paul O. went from strength to strength winning the next two games 7 & 5. So 4-3 to C.T.K. and Dave calls Mick to play Billy to hold the match, Billy’s already played two sets to Mick’s one, Billy wins the first two games 11-9, & 15-13, but a hard fought comeback from Mick won the next two games 8 & 6, with the last game level all the way to a win for Billy at 12-10, the end of a great nights T.T. and victory for Christ The King ‘B’ 5 sets to 3.



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