Division 5





first contested 1972



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call Aigburth  'B' M/Side Police 'B' 1 2 3 4 5  score
1 Neil Croxten John Moore 9-11 11-9 9-11 2-11   0 1
2 Arthur Pierce Dave Oakes 11-5 11-2 11-3     1 1
3 Derek Traynor Len Dyson 10-12 7-11 7-11 9-11   1 2
4 Liam Tildsley Tom Lynch 11-5 11-9 7-11 11-6   2 2
5 Derek Traynor John Moore 5-11 9-11 12-14     2 3
6 Liam Tildsley Len Dyson 11-7 8-11 11-8 11-6   3 3
7 Arthur Pierce Tom Lynch 11-7 8-11 12-10 8-11 9-11 3 4
8-doubles Derek/Liam John/Tom 11-7 11-8 15-13     4 4
9 Neil Croxten Dave Oakes 11-13 11-7 11-9 8-11 11-9 5 4


Aigburth ‘B’  5   v Merseyside Police ‘B’  4


First Cup Final of the season produced the first upset, runaway divisional leaders Merseyside Police ‘B’ took on second placed Aigburth ‘B’, and what a close contest it was, Police fielded Len Dyson (capt), John Moore, Tom Lynch, and Dave Oakes, Aigburth had Derek Traynor (capt), Liam Tildsley, Neil Croxton and Arthur Pierce. Police won the toss for the away spot and called on young Neil to play John, John went in to a 5-0 lead, Neil seemed a bit on edge, but pulled back to level 5 all, John was dictating the game and won 11-9. Neil settled a bit winning the next, but John didn’t lose his grip, winning the next two 9 & 2.


Aigburth next called Dave on against Arthur, Dave just couldn’t get going against Arthur’s defence, and the set was over in three straight,

match 1-1.

Len then called himself on against Derek, Len moved into a big lead in the first game, going 10-6 up, Derek caught up to 10 all, but just couldn’t keep the pressure on, Len winning 12-10, Derek won the next 11-7, but Len was getting Derek’s hits back now, frustrating Derek no end to win the next two games.


Derek then called on young Liam to play Tom, Liam has a terrific array of shots and turned up the heat on Tom, winning the first two games 5 & 9, but maybe he got a bit cocky, Tom settled a bit to win the next game, but then Liam’s corner had a word with him before he polished off the last game.

match 2-2.


John Moore then took Derek in 3 straight, Derek next called Liam to take on Len, a tough one I thought, but Liam just hits so hard, all angles, to win the first 11-7, but then Len started getting the hits back, frustrating Liam a bit, second game to Len, 11-8, another talk from the team corner, a straighter thinking Liam polished next two 8 & 6,

match 3-3.


Set 7, Police call Arthur to play Tom, Tom the hitter v Arthur the defender, the first 5 gamer, going to Tom 3-2 after a ding dong battle.


A surprise next call from Aigburth, the doubles, Liam & Derek, Police sent on John & Tom, Aigburth won in 3 straight, to be honest I thought there was only going to be one winner, Liam was on top form, scoring many straight from the service, and Derek helping to set up the hits, but Police were unlucky not to get the 3rd game, losing 15-13.

match 4-4.


So the match is finally down to the last game, young Neil not having played since the first game of the night, having to sit through all that tension, against the experience of Dave, and to add to the pressure on Neil, Dave wins a nail biting first game 13-11, but Neil reverses the pressure, winning the next 11-7, and the next 11-9,  Dave was battling now to stay in the match, increasing the pressure on Neil to finish it off, 4th game to Dave 11-8, so the last game of the night, was it down to who could hold the pressure, no one pulled clear, right to 9 all, Dave tried that extra bit, but lost those two important points, Neil holding on to win 11-9.


So the end of a great Cup Final, 5-4 to Aigburth ‘B’, well played both teams.


Match played at Bootle YMCA

Match Official -: Roly Wright

Refreshments by Roly Wright & Jim Geddes