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report & match card

Division 3 - The Hyde Cup Final

Crosby High ĎBí  V  Harold House ĎBí

The two teams were Dave Evans, Roger Neal & Ben Edwards for Crosby High ĎBí and Martin Roberts, John Hughes & Rod McPherson for Harold House ĎBí

 Harold House won the toss and and the first match called was John Hughes against Roger Neal. John took the 1st game 11/2, Roger managed to level the match by winning the 2nd 11/8, but John got into his attacking stride and took the next two games 11/5 and 11/3
1-0 to Harold House.

Next on was Dave Evans against Rod McPherson, again this was a very entertaining match with Daveís attacking style and Rodís counter hitting. Dave took the 1st game 11/4 Rod took the 2nd by the same score, the third game was a very close affair with Dave edging it 11/9, he then went to take the 4th 11/8 to level the match.

Harold Houseís call and Roger was on again, this time against Martin Roberts. Roger took the match in 3 winning 11/7 11/6 11/6
2-1 to Crosby High.

Crosbyís call and Martin was on again, this time against Ben Edwards. Benís attacking game and Martinís blocking and counter hitting made for a very entertaining match, Martin took the 1st game 11/8, Ben took the 2nd 11/8, Ben then went 2-1 up by winning 11/7 and was ahead in the 4th until Martin came back to take the game 13/11 but Ben was too strong in the 5th and won it 11/7
 3-1 to Crosby High.

Harold House continued to call Roger on, this time against Rod, and Rod managed to win it 3 straight 11/5 11/5 11/8.
 3-2 to Crosby High

The 6th match was probably the most entertaining match, Dave against Martin. Martinís blocking and counter hitting was working well against Daveís attacking spin as he went into a 2-0 lead 11/8 11/9, Martin started really well in the 3rd going 4-0 up, however Dave then started fighting back and took the 3rd game 11/7, he then took the 4th 11/6 and the 5th 11/7.
4-2, to Crosby High. 

The 7th match was between Ben Edwards and John Hughes, Benís all out attack was just too strong for John as he won 3 straight 11/7 11/8 11/8.
 5-2 to Crosby High.


Crosby are also set for the double after what looks like a 100% season




Thanks to Arthur Knowlson and Christ the King for the venue

Match Official was Arthur Garnett and Match Umpire Russell Thornton


Report by Russell Thornton



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