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Liverpool & District Table Tennis League


Junior 4 Star

4th & 5th. October 2008

at the

Liverpool Tennis centre



The City of Liverpool Junior Open followed hot on the heels of the opening senior Grand Prix of the season held during the third week in August. Staging such prestigious events during the same season, is quite an achievement for any league, but staging them within fifty days of each other, is, I'm sure most will agree, a tall order.
This, it goes without saying, is a big responsibility, and many factors have to be taken into consideration when deciding to do so, the driving force behind it was the input and dedication shown by the late Ken Armson. Ken led the way in convincing the League's Management Committee, that it could, and should, be done, Ken lived for the sport and it's testimony to his name, that we stand here, carrying out his wishes and aspirations for the future of the sport and, in particular, a top class junior event. Ken's input in the sport both nationally and in Liverpool, will never be forgotten, and it is fitting to mention the involvement of Ken's loving partner, Faith Moore, who was again in action over the two days, and, as part of her 'duties', welcomed every player to the tournament as they checked in.
Of course, it has been said on numerous occasions, in notes such as these, that our sport could not continue, in a meaningful way, without the financial assistance, of so many generous organisations. Here, in Liverpool, we have enjoyed a tremendous relationship with Liverpool City Council who, for many years has provided the Tennis Centre for the two open tournaments, as well as the annual Liverpool Closed championships. It may seem to many, that this is not unusual, but, in these days of financial constraint, their continuing support of Table Tennis, is most encouraging, for without it, at least one of these events would, almost certainly, not take place, for that, the League is most grateful to Dick Johnson, from the City of Liverpool Sports and Development Unit, and all his staff, for all the behind the scenes work they undertake.

Finally, thanks also to Referee David Cochrane and all others who may have helped in any way over the weekend. ;
Hopefully, everyone, either taking part or, just watching the event, returned home having enjoyed the event.
Don Davies


Liverpool & District Table Tennis League


The Organising Committee -:

Tournament Organiser         Arthur Garnett

Tournament Director           Stan Clarke

Referee                               Dave Cochrane (NR)

Deputy Referee                   Brian Jackson (TR)

Referee's Assistant              Nabil Hudda  (CU)

Umpires Control                 Connie Moran

Press Officers                     Don Davies  (L&DTTL)

Organising Committee         Dave Cochrane, Arthur Garnett, Stan Clarke,

                                          & members of the L&DTTL committee

Booking in Desk                 Faith Moore and helpers


Tournament  Umpires


Ray Lavin                CU

Graham Rollinson     CU

John Appleton          CU

Derek Sherrat           IU

Gary Whyman          CU

Barry Grainer           IU

Margot Fraser           IU

Alan Harwood            IU

Peter Young               CU

Ray Jackson               CU

Bill Moran                  IU

Lynda Reid                 IU

Jim Kenny                  IU




Dennis Calver           IU

Margaret Calver        TU

Stan Clarke               IU

Rob Davies               CU

Russell Thornton       CU

Bob Evans                CU

Steve Perry               IU