Division 1







first contested 1931-32

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    Readman Cup            
call Fords M/Side Police 1 2 3 4 5  score
1 Andrew Taylor Jonathon Taylor 10-12 8-11 11-4 9-11   0 1
2 Kevin Dolder Paul Gittens 11-9 11-13 11-6 11-5   1 1
3 Mal McEvoy Jonathon Taylor 11-5 3-11 11-6 5-11 11-9 2 1
4 Kevin Dolder John Rankin 11-2 11-9 8-11 11-9   3 1
5 Andrew Taylor John Rankin 9-11 11-7 11-3 11-8   4 1
6 Mal McEvoy Paul Gittens 11-5 11-9 11-8     5 1



 Fords  5  v  M/Side Police  1 

Runaway Div. 1 leaders Fords, Kevin Dolder, Mal McEvoy and Andrew Taylor took on M/Side Policeís team of John Rankin, Paul Gittins & Jonathon Taylor who won the toss for the away team.

First set on was Jon Taylor to play Andrew, a tentative start by both players, but Andrew serving faults, Jon winning the first two games 10 & 8, third game saw Andy settle down a bit giving Jon the chance to hit winners but missing them, the fourth game saw Andy take the lead, but his problem of fault serves at crucial times let Jon catch up, and with some hard hitting won the 4th game 11-9, and the first set.

1-0 to Police


Fords then called Paul to play Kevin, Kevin back to his normal bat (after his try with pimples in the closed) wins the first 11-9, but Paul battles away to get the next 13-11, Kevin moved up a gear, picking off Paulís short serves to win 11-6.  4th game saw a bit of sportsmanship from both players, a great rally, Paul pushing Kevin to the back of the court, ( a long way at Cadwa), Kevin returns with a high floater, Paul drops it short over the net, Kevin runs in to smash it but slips at the last, just managing to lift it back over, giving Paul an easy kill, but doesnít kill it, Kevin returns the gesture by serving the next point into the net.

1 all


Police call Mal to play Jon, Mal won first by forcing the pace, with some good backhands to win first 11-5, Jon speeded up a bit, forcing Mal to defend a bit more, winning 11-3. Mal slowed his attack, returning a bit slower, Jon rushing in to hit the Ďtemptingí returns from Mal, but missing a lot, Mal picking out his shots for the backhand winners to win 11-6, Jon again upped his game to win the 4th 11-5. 5th game saw Mal 5-3 at turn, but Jon came back, and at 9 all, Mal serving gets in a backhand winner from Jonís loose return, next point Jon miss times a forehand smash and hits off the table, set to Mal.

2-1 to Fords


Fords call Kevin to take on John, but Johnís Ďring rustinessí was evident in the first game, losing 2-11 against an 80% Kevin, 2nd game saw John trying to slow down the game with some good defending, but not being able to trouble Kevin with any attacking, another to Kevin 11-9, John kept his head in the next game, making Kevin miss his shots, serving twice into the net, to give John an 11-8 win. In the 4th game John was 7-5 down, but with 2 good serves, making Kevin return off the table, 7 all. Kevin finally served 10-8 in front with both tentively slowing the game down, Kevin was first to get the chance of a winner, and taking it with unstoppable forehand to win 3 games to 1.

Fords 3-1 in front


Police leave John at the table to play Andy and try and get back into the match, John does get the first game 11-9 with his backhand going well, but missing too many forehand hits, going long off the table. 2nd game saw both players misjudging the pace of the ball, missing simple winners, Andy winning11-7, but Andy settled down quicker, letting John force the pace, but continuously hitting long with his forehand, even with his delicate returns, just didnít seem to have his normal control, Andy winning the next two games 3 & 8.

4-1 to Fords


Fords call Mal v Paul to try and clinch the match.

Mal started straight away to force the pace with some good hitting against Paulís returns off his short serves, at the same time punishing Paulís long serves, to win first game 11-5, second game Paul pulls back from 5-1 down to a 9-6 lead, but couldnít keep up the momentum, losing 11-9, Mal made sure of the match with an 11-8 third game win.


A disappointing turnout of spectators for our top Final


The match was played at Cadwa

Match Official -:  Graham Rollinson (who umpired all the games)

Refreshments again by Doug Baker