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report & match card

The Div.1 -  Readman Cup Final

Wavertree Labour v Fords

The two teams were Gary Watson, Aaron  Beech & Bjorn Meyer for Wavertree and Mal McEvoy, Terry Turner & Andy Taylor for Fords.

Fords won the toss and opted for the away team and started with Mal to play Aaron, and showed that they weren’t going to mess about, a ‘no prisoners’ 3-0 win for Mal. Next game Gary put himself on against Terry, Terry kept up the pressure on Wavertree by winning the first game, but Gary didn’t crack, taking the next 3 games to make it 1-1. Mal put Andy on to play Aaron, Andy won 3-1. Maybe Gary thought Terry was the achilles of the Fords team, calling him on against Bjorn, but Terry soon showed he wasn’t, polishing off Bjorn 3-0. Mal then decided to go for the jugular, putting himself on against Gary, who must have played out of his skin, Gary winning 3-1. Gary kept himself at the table, calling Andy on, Andy won the first game 11-7, but as in his 1st game, against Terry, Gary turned the tables, running out 3-1 winner, so match score level at 3-3. Mal next called on Terry v Aaron, Terry won in 3, match score 4-3 to Fords, with Bjorn still with 2 sets to play, Gary goes for Mal, if Bjorn wins the last match should be easier!!, but no, Mal decides not to take that chance and records a straight 3-0 win to give Fords the match 5-3. Match official Tom Purcell gave his man o’ the match to Gary for his 3 great wins.

Looks like another double for this Fords team, who, by the way, could have brought in Kevin Dolder to make certain of the win, but decided to play what was their ‘normal’ league team, good for them.

Thanks to Doug Baker and Cadwa for their venue

Match Official was Tom Purcell and Match Umpire Ray Lavin

Photo's from Tom Purcell

Report by Roly Wright


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