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Division 2 - The Dr. J. Rumjahn Cup Final


Marconi v Harold House ‘A’

The two teams were Bob Edwards, Frank McCann & Ian Wensley for Marconi, and Alec Bryce, Steve Whalley & Neil Baker for Harold House ‘A’

H.H. won the toss and chose to be the away team, Alec called on Ian to play Steve, Ian’s defensive gave of ‘get everything back’ must have troubled Steve a bit, the set going to the 5th game, but Ian must have reached burnout, losing the last 11-1. Bob called himself on against Alec, another 5 setter, first 4 all being close games, but the 5th game was even closer, finally going to Alec 12-10. Alec called Neil on to play Frank, Neil was probably a bit surprised by Frank’s style, losing the 1st 11-9, but settled down, winning the next two close games, and just managing to hold onto the 4th 13-11. 3-0 down, Bob puts himself on against Steve, again Bob wins the 1st game comfortably 11-6, but Steve relaxes, taking the next two games, the 4th  must have been a nail-biter, going to a 14-12 conclusion, Bob again losing the vital deciding points. 4-0 up now, and Alec gives the chance of glory to Neil to play Ian, a solid call as Neil made short work of it in 3, so a 5-0 win for Harold House ‘A’, but the score card shows a much closer match, but history only records the winner.


Thanks to Stan Clarke and Wavertree Labour for their venue

Match Official was Stan Clarke and Match Umpire Graham Rollinson

Photo's from Stan Clarke


Report by Roly Wright


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