The Liverpool & District

Table Tennis League

Cup Finals 2008 - 09


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Readman Cup

Division 1



& match card

The winning Fords team of

Mal McEvoy, Terry Turner & Andy Taylor

Wavertree Labour team Gary Watson, Aaron Beech & Bjorn Meyer

both teams

photo's by Tom Purcell

match official- Tom Purcell

Umpire - Ray Lavin




Division 2



& match card

the winning Harold House 'A'

team of  Alec Bryce, Steve Whalley & Neil Baker

The Marconi team of

Bob Edwards, Frank McCann & Ian Wensley

both Teams with Janet Davies who presented the Cup

Match official & photo's

Stan Clarke

match umpire-Graham Rollinson


The Hyde Cup

Division 3



& match card


Sorry - no photo's

for this




The Forrest Cup

Division 4



& match card

The winning Manweb 'C' team

of Jason Ao, Alvin Tso, Ben Chen & Robert Wong + Francis Lay with Tom Purcell of the Police Club

The M/Side Police 'B team

Len Dyson, John Moore, Alan Cameron & Tommy Lynch with Alan Biggs and Stan Clarke

both teams with match Umpire

Graham Rollinson

Match official

Stan Clarke also looked after the refreshments

The Stamp Cup

Division 5



& match card

winning team Arriva North West team of Derek Scotland, Harry Hughes, Graham Rollinson, Pavel Tomczyk & Alan Jones

Bootle YMCA 'C' team of Steve Daniels, Arthur Garnett, Jim Geddes, Joe Rees & John Taylor

both teams with

match umpire

Russell Thornton and

match official  Ray Lavin


The Frank Murphy Memorial Handicap Trophy



& match card

the winning  Police 2 team

of Paul Gittens, Brenda Buoey, Tom Purcell & Len Dyson

with Marjorie Murphy & Sam Gittens

the Police 1 team of

Alan Cameron, Tommy Lynch & Geoff Pye

with Marjorie Murphy

both teams with Marjorie Murphy, Dave & Sue Berry, and match Umpire Graham Rollinson

the after match refreshments provided by Marjorie Murphy were enjoyed in the Police lounge